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“Life is Movement. The more life there is, the more flexibility there is.
The more fluid you are, the more you are alive.”  ARNAUD DESJARDINS


Treatments for athletes who want to be faster, stronger and prevent injury.

We work together to help athletes get back to fitness quicker. To allow them to feel stronger and have better performance. The aim is for Less injuries, improved overall strength and better mechanics.

Jamie uses a multitude of strength and conditioning tools to help you get the extra edge. This could include Pilates, Kettlebells,Weights, Bodyweight conditioning, Battling Ropes,Powerbags, Boxing, oh and sledgehammer training. Jamie will assess you and listen to your goals and decide which type of training to use before you start your training.


These treatments are designed for employees (and employers) who suffer from back, neck and shoulder problems to help them achieve improved performance, better production and less sickness absence.

Jamie offers corporate care packages using massage, nutrition, posture anslysis, fitness training and stretch programmes to help your staff have better production, less stress, less sickness days and decrease injury in your workplace.



Treatments for athletes who want to get out of pain without the use of painkillers and want to move better and perform better.

We will work to alleviate chronic pain like back, neck or shoulder problems so that you can achieve faster recovery, better movement and less pain.

Jamie uses a multitude of modalties to treat athletes. This is includes sports massage, deep tissue massage, manual therapy, myofasial release, dry needling, cupping therapy, kineisiology taping and ultrasound. Expect to be treated!

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